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Friday the 13th needn't be all doom and gloom...

A NEW CHAPTER in the Kent Event Services story began today as we officially announce we are now working in collaboration with HSP Events to provide a wider range of event services to the industry.

Moving into our new shared office in Canterbury earlier this month has allowed us to form a trusted partnership and will enable both business' development beyond a simple preferred provider.

We are now in a position to provide a wider range of event services beyond those listed on our website to now include technical production, event design, and event infrastructure.

For those unfamiliar with HSP Events: they have market-leading technical and management solutions for every kind of live event and like to think of themselves as 'Experience Engineers'.

Charlie Vanstone and Raph Hardy, of HSP Events, both boast at least 10 years of event experience - making a combined 30+ years of experience between these two businesses.

Joshua Heyburn, of Kent Event Services, said "I've had the pleasure of working with both Charlie and Raph on and off for the duration of my event career, and was delighted to see last year that they had formed HSP Events, the trading name for Hardstone Productions Limited.

After a few coffees it was clear to see how both of our businesses could benefit each other and enhance the experience for both our existing and future clients. I've personally next to no technical experience with events as I have always outsourced this work to the professionals. Now I don't need to think twice before providing these services as I share an office with two technical gurus who share the same vision as myself and my business."


Find HSP Events on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or visit

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